What is The Brooklyn Gallery?

     The Brooklyn Gallery, formerly A.J. Fries Print Shop, was created to feature the original work of Buffalo, NY artist A.J. Fries and his works on print and clothing.  It is named after our rescue pitbull, Brooklyn, who loves art, snacks, and a fireplace.  As an homage to all rescues who have found a better life, we hope you will find original work, prints, or prints on clothing and accessories to rescue YOUR walls and wardrobe!

Brooklyn when we rescued her in May, 2015.

Brooklyn wants more presents to open!

Brooklyn loves playing with her sisters.

Brooklyn’s History

Brooklyn came to our home in May of 2015 though the animal rescue, Joyful Rescues, in Cuba NY.  She was born in August of 2012 and as soon as they could, they bred her.  Shortly after delivering her puppies, she was found starving and alone on the streets of Rochester NY.  Animal rescue picked her up and found her owners, who refused to pay the license to keep her.  They kept her puppies and abandoned her.  Rochester Animal Control discovered that her vocal cords had been damaged, most likely due to the tragic and inhumane practice of shoving a pipe down the animals mouth.  Brooklyn grunts, and whines, and makes silly noises, but has a very painful sounding bark, which she rarely does.

Rochester realized how sweet and kind she was and got her out of the cages to be sent to Joyful Rescues.  She was a year and a half old, already a mother and already abandoned.  Brooklyn spent a year at Joyful Recues because no one wanted to adopt a “scary looking” pitbull.

We brought her home and she was immediately a perfect fit.  She has been the most gentle, kindest dog we have ever owned.  She goes to outside patio restaurants with us in Buffalo, NY, she attended the Girl Scout meetings when I was a Girl Scout leader, and she helped us foster 6 puppies.

Brooklyn now lives with 2 sister dogs, a brother dog, a brother cat, and 3 human siblings.

Brooklyn with her dog siblings and daddy, artist A.J. Fries.

Brooklyn with mommy, author and web designer Karen Eckert.